11 Wonderful Reasons to Visit Kiev

Not many people are aware that the city of Kiev holds records in different aspects. The capital of Ukraine boasts Europe’s shortest main street, the deepest underground station in the world and other amazing things that you will not find in any other place in the world. Here are some wonderful reasons to visit Kiev:

Reason 1: Relax in numerous gardens and parks

A very green city, Kiev has a number of gardens, parks and squares in every district. However, the Taras Shevchenko Park and the Hryshko National Botanical Garden are the favorites of the locals. The former is a central attraction that can showcases the lifestyle of the city in the best possible way whereas the latter offers amazing locations for having a picnic and can give you breathtaking panoramic views of the city. There are comfortable benches, mobile coffee shops and street food stalls where you can have a snack.

Reason 2: Shop without exceeding your budget

One thing that often comes as a surprise to people is the fact that a number of the mass-market shops in Kiev are a lot less expensive than those in other countries even though they bear the same collection. Hence, going to Kiev means that you will be able to purchase everything that you need. There are different thrift shops and shopping malls where you will be able to find footwear and clothing from international as well as local brands. Even gadgets and cosmetics are available at reasonable prices.

Reason 3: Experience the open-air clubs

Kiev is often regarded as Berlin’s cooler and cheaper cousin because it is a city of youth where you can enjoy nonstop parties. Severe weather conditions in the winter means the open-air clubs are closed, but they can be a lively destination in the summer and at the beginning of the autumn season. Venues like UBK Beach, Hangover, Green Theatre and Dali Park invite renowned DJs, play popular music, serve hookah and delicious cocktails and encourage you to dance all you want.

Reason 4: Meet new people

When you visit Kiev, you will notice that Ukrainians are very friendly and welcoming. They love showing their country’s beauty to visitors and enjoy making new friends. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate in asking for advice. You can talk to the locals and ask them for suggestions about the places to go. They can also explain the history, show you the way and also joke around with you.

Reason 5: Explore the world’s deepest underground station

Even though there are only three underground lines that you can find in Kiev, which are green, red and blue, it is undoubtedly a unique feature. Descending approximately 105.5 meters underground, the Arsenalna metro station is the world’s deepest station. The escalator for this metro station is also the longest one. Hence, you shouldn’t be surprised if your ears are blocked when going underground.

Reason 6: Get Kiev cake as a souvenir

The Kiev cake is another specialty that this city has to offer to its visitors. It is definitely a favorite sweet treat of the city’s residents and you can find it available in almost every supermarket. When you try it and experience the creamy taste, it would be very difficult to believe that this treat was created because of a mistake. It occurred when confectioners forgot to add egg white into the refrigerator and this led to the introduction of the Kiev cake that can be found today. It is a hazelnut meringue cake that has numerous layers of buttercream, which are decorated with different creams and sprinkled with hazelnut. People often take it back to their home country as a souvenir form Ukraine.

Reason 7: Take a stroll across Europe’s shortest main street

The main street in Kiev is Khreshchatyk Street, which is extremely short yet quite wide. The street’s length is just 1.3 km. The favorite time of the locals is when traffic is suspended for weekends and holidays. It provides pedestrians with an opportunity to take a stroll along the city’s central street, do some shopping or just pop into one of the various restaurants or cafes without having to worry about traffic.

Reason 8: Enjoy Coke and perepichka

Perepichka is a delicacy that everyone must try in Kiev. It is basically sausage in fried dough and it is extremely cheap. Even amongst the locals, it is a popular street food because the best thing about it is that it is very filling.

Reason 9: Give Salo a try at Besarabsky Market

Salo (pork fat) is the most popular dish in Ukraine. It is served in every restaurant, bought as a souvenir and also cooked at home, whether it is eaten raw, baked or fried. However, you should bear in mind that supermarkets are probably not the best places to buy it. If you want to buy proper Salo, it is a good idea to visit an indoor market or a street market like Besarabsky market. This gives you the opportunity to see and try it before you make your purchase.

Reason 10: Explore the caves of Kiev

A thrilling and mysterious destination in Kiev are the caves, which are located under the Kiev Pechersk Lavra monastery that was built in the 11th century. These passages have been used for burying many holy ascetics. They are divided into the Far Caves (Caves of Saint Theodosius) and Near Caves (Caves of Saint Anthony). These are actually as old as the monastery themselves. If you have a lot of curiosity and courage, this should go on your sightseeing list.

Reason 11: Go to the Taras Shevchenko Park to play chess

Located in the heart of Kiev, the Taras Shevchenko Park is a crowded venue. It is always cool and green here, which means it is a great place to refuel or find a snack. You can also have a picnic or participate in the free dance classes. But, playing chest is the most favorite pastime here and you can have a game with the grandmasters who come to the park on weekends.

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